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Sound Absorbing Material

Sound absorbing material is foracoustic treatment, or improving the sound quality within a space.

Using sound absorbing material for acoustic enhancement is a completely different challenge from soundproofing.
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Acoustic and anechoic foams, panel and sheets reduce reverberation (echo) and improve sound quality in your:

  • Restaurant
  • Home theatre
  • Music studio
  • Art gallery
  • Dance studio
  • Auditorium

Green Philosophy - Many of the Sound Absorbing Material options on our PRODUCTS page are green, being made from recycled materials and/or LEED compliant. In an effort to continuosly improve, we are always searching for new, innovative, environmentally friendly sound absorbing material.

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Do you need to soundproof a wall between rooms? Do you need to soundproof the wall between a quiet space (art gallery) and a noisy one (spinning class)? Do you need to soundproof anything? The best choice is probably our soundproof mass loaded vinyl. We have great low prices on soundproof mass loaded vinyl. Click on PRODUCTS and go to SOUNDPROOFING.
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